Long days make for tired eyes, tired skin and tired muscles. We  spend time nourishing our skin, resting our eyes and massaging our muscles. So why not do the same for our hair? We tie our hair into ponytails, run our fingers through it, brush it as necessary to keep away tangles, and put products in it to keep it from moving out of place. Our hair has been through a lot and continues to be on a daily basis. Let us give our hair the nourishment it deserves. Hair oils are a spa treatment for our scalp.

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So many modern day hair care products contain chemicals that dry out our hair and scalps causing irritation and damage. Vegan hair oils are free from those harmful chemicals that cause that damage that makes our hair look so dull and lifeless. With natural hair oils such as Jojoba, Rose, Chamomile, Geranium and Sandalwood, help nourish and reverse the damage that these chemically infused products do to us. Your hair will thank you with shine and softness. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why would I put so much oil in my hair? Won’t that make it greasy?” Fantastic question!

And to that we say, absolutely not! Every oil that we have listed is a non-greasy hair oil. It is meant to replenish the moisture in your hair without the build-up you may find with other everyday drug store products. Hydrating the scalp and reversing damage are what these oils do best, and without making our hair feel or look greasy! Why and how, you ask? Whether you have an oily scalp or a dry scalp or a scalp that regulates oil well ( you lucky ducks) hair oil can give our hair the boost it needs to be healthy and happy. So what are the benefits of hair oils that we haven’t already mentioned?


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