It All Began in Sahar's Kitchen


Torreh was born in a kitchen. Our Founder and CEO, Sahar Bayat spent years trying to find the perfect product for her hair. She went through various brands and products so she could restore the strength and shine her hair once had, but all those chemicals seemed to make the situation worse. So, she decided to take matter into her own hands.

Sahar began her research, looking for natural hair care solutions that are proven to work for all hair types, and then, stated to mix and match her own formulas right in her kitchen, and testing her recipes on her own hair. The changes began right away, with a visibly shinier hair, and overtime, she could see the use of natural and organic ingredients restored her hair’s volume and strength she always wanted. The solution was too good not to share the world, and so Torreh was born.

Our idea is not to change your hair but restore its beauty in a natural way. No chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no dyes. We only use natural, organic, vegan oils, and our products are never animal tested. 

Torreh is founded on the principle that nature provides goodness and heals ailments. Our products are environmentally friendly, organically sourced, and are rich in naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients that provide nourishment to your hair. The essential oils in each product provides natural fragrances without the use of harsh and drying perfumes. Torreh understands hair care and ensures that each formulation takes the health of your hair into account to help strengthen, grow and maintain beautiful hair.

Torreh is proudly Canadian, with a nod to Sahar’s Persian roots as it means “lush hair” in Farsi. At Torreh, we offer products made from organic ingredients without dyes, artificial fragrances or chemicals. These oils are perfectly balanced to suit all hair types, ranging from straight to curly and everything in between.

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